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Gnowee is a comprehensive resource for information relating to QuantiFERON, sponsored by QIAGEN. In this 'Help' menu you will find the information you will need to utilize all the Gnowee tools.

Key Features of Gnowee

  • Loads of information on QuantiFERON including abstracts, guidelines, analysis software, images, presentations, and more!
  • Fully searchable, sortable, printable information
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Function Guide

PresentationsThis is your comprehensive resource for QF publications and abstracts. Click the title or magnifying glass icon to view each abstract. Click the link to go to the online source of the document.

GuidelinesGlobal QF-related guidelines, position statements, and recommendations can be found here for several countries and regions. These are sorted first by region and then by country and language

  • International (All countries outside the US)
  • USA
  • All regions (All countries - globally applicable)

PresentationsHere you can find complimentary QF presentations.

Technical Supporthis section provides technical FAQs and advice on QF products and procedures. Click on a particular question to see its answer in the section below. If the question that you have is not on the list, please click the button directly between the Questions and Answer sections. This will allow you to contact a QIAGEN Technical Service representative.

ImagesComplimentary QF images for you to use in your presentations and professional materials. These images are royalty free.

InformationThis section contains previous issues of product information, Certificates of Analysis, instructional videos, analysis software, issues of QFNews, and more.

Gnowee Logo Click the Gnowee icon to return to the 'home' screen.

Click the print icon to print the list of references.

If an item in the results panel has a pdf icon to the left of the listing, a pdf file is associated. Click on this icon to access the associated document.

If an item in the results panel has a magnifying glass icon to the left of the listing, click this icon to view more detailed information on the clinical reference (i.e. Pub Med reference).

Click 'Contact' if you have any queries regarding technical aspects of QuantiFERON products or use, please contact quantiferon@qiagen.com.

To 'Export' citations

To 'export' a citation to a word processing document, please complete a simple cut/paste command sequence, which includes the following steps:

  1. Decide which citation you want to include in your document.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon that corresponds to your chosen reference.
  3. With your mouse, highlight the text on the Title through the Publication Date lines
  4. Use your computer's copy function to copy the highlighted text.
  5. Bring your cursor to the location in the document you are amending, and use your computer's 'paste' function.

Search options

  • The 'global' Gnowee search is one that is completed on all documents and links within Gnowee. To complete a global search simply enter the topic you wish to search in the Search field on the Gnowee home page and press 'Search.'
  • The 'local' Gnowee search is one that is completed on all documents and links within a section of Gnowee. To complete a local search simply go to the Gnowee section (i.e. clinical references, presentations, etc.) and enter the topic you wish to search in the Search field and press 'Search.' Also, within the local search, you can search within a specific folder; to do this, on the left-hand panel select the folder that you wish search, then enter the topic you wish to search and press the 'Search' button. The results of this inter-folder search will be displayed in the Results panel, and the title of the folder in which the search has been completed will be listed just above the results panel.

Press 'Clear Filter' to remove the search topic from the search parameters.